Now, less than a year from the surgery, I’m in the best shape of my life

I wanted to thank you for the workouts. I’ve been a Marine for over ten years and spent the last six as a Recon Marine. This past year I had 4 surgeries on my spine, resulting in a fusion of the lower spine (basically metal rods and cage). I felt ruined after all was said and done, as the recovery process was brutal. I came across your site towards the later part of my recovery (6 months after surgery). I was told to stay away from anything heavy on the spine and try not to run anymore. This of course was not an option for me as I wish to continue my career in the Corps. Now, less than a year from the surgery, I’m in the best shape of my life, thanks to your work. I took everything in small doses and it took me over a month to finish a whole week’s worth of workouts. Most days I came home and rested on the floor in the fetal position. Months later my back pain is mostly gone, I can run with the heavy packs, and finally I have no limits to what I can do. I’m now awaiting officer training and have passed on your site to all the Marines I work with (I also leave printouts every so often in the gym to let others know). I feel passionate about what you have brought to us in the combat arms. This is one of the many tools we can place in our packs to carry out our mission and will probably be the one that saves it. Thanks and keep it up!