Not only did I never fail, experienced no injuries

Rob: First off, I want to pay it forward to what you are due. I myself utilized your training methods to prepare myself for BUD/S. Your dynamic training sessions mixed in with extra running and swimming that followed closely to the training periodization that your program follows, (varying the intensity in which I executed the extra running, swimming, lifting, rehab exercises, etc. rather than attacking by body group) assisted me in achieving great results. Not only did I never fail a physical evolution throughout this past year and a half, I was able to excel in them and experienced no injuries. It’s true that BUD/S is a mental game, but I can remember several times thinking to myself, “I could not have trained or prepared any better for this”. In any event, thank you for your program. Now I am in SQT, the PT portion is mostly on your own, and I find myself utilizing your program again. Respectfully