My run times are improving much faster than I anticipated


“My run times are improving much faster than I anticipated, which I think has to do with the sprinting and METCON portion of the training. The long runs are a breeze. I honestly find it more difficult to run that slow, so I end up walking for 30-45 seconds/mile to level it out. The videos are easy to access, and the training flows pretty well. I enjoy how stretching is incorporated into the workout, and how explosive movements are used on the tail end of strength/circuit work.

As for my goals, I’m a 37 year old ex-athlete husband and father, that’s got a high stress, executive level job that requires me to travel constantly. My days of DL’ing 500+ pounds are over, and I’m sick and tired of being sore or having a program I can’t incorporate into my daily life.  The program works great for hotel gyms, staying lean, being flexible for weekend golf, and looking good naked.”