My progress was mind-blowing!

“My name’s Richard. I’m a former soldier from the Canadian Armed Forces standing at 5’9” and 170lbs soaking wet. I spent many years refusing to pay for training plans or trainers. I learned to work out on my own, with friends, the military and followed copy-pasted plans that I would find in a google search. When I fell on Mountain Tactical Institute’s website some years ago, I told myself..”No way in hell that I would pay a monthly fee for this”. Boy was I wrong! I gave it a shot, thinking: If I can spend money on my Netflix and Amazon Prime account, I could do it for this. I’m now going into law enforcement and chose to follow the SWAT/SRT Ruger training plan. I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Week 1  /  Week 7 / Progress

Front Squat 1RM 135 / Front Squat 1RM 200  / 48.15%

Bench Press 1RM 175 / Bench Press 1RM 225 / 28.57%

Hinge lift 1RM 265 / Hinge lift 1RM 340 / 28.30%

Max rep pull-ups 25 / Max rep pull-ups 26 / 4.00%

My progress was mind-blowing! I now look back, regretting that I didn’t sign up years ago. Do yourself a favor, whatever your fitness goal is, follow their plans to the T and you’ll walk out a better athlete both physically and mentally.”