MTI’s attitude has really helped me get back on track


I purchased the limited equipment plan back in January after hearing you on the Art of Manliness podcast.  I had shoulder surgery back in September for an old rugby injury and was looking for a plan to get back in shape since my physical therapy was completed.  I am a freshman in NROTC at UC Davis and totally latched on to your sport specific approach.  I had always struggled with the idea of focused training to actually make progress, and the importance of being well-rounded.  I had built great fitness running XC and track in high school with calisthenics in the mornings.  By committing to and completing the bodyweight foundation and SB/DB/WV plan I am pretty much back to my pre-surgery level of fitness.  I am starting Humility next week and looking forward to it.  Most importantly, MTI’s attitude has really helped me get back on track.  Ever since I was a kid I loved to plan.  Hell, I was working on my Halloween costume in August and had the my Lego cities organized to the T.  In training, it’s easy to have a great idea, but then before you give it a chance, you go down the rabbit hole of another modality. I was definitely in the paralysis by analysis camp.  However, hearing you talk about being a professional tactical athlete changed that for me.  I have now adopted a blue collar attitude towards training; I show up, put in the work, go home, and let the training take care of its self so I can focus on school and my other responsibilities.  Developing the discipline and attitude of a professional athlete has been very liberating.  In addition, your article on commitment struck a cord with me.  I am currently in the midst of the “yolo” mentality in college and your article helped dispel some insecurities I had about not living that lifestyle.  I share MTI’s articles and work with my fellow Midshipman and it is appreciated.  Just in case you are having one of those inevitable days where you wonder if what you do matters, it does.