MTI has changed my life

First…at some point, I will write a more full testimonial, but I can put it simply…MTI has changed my life. Prior to discovering MTI I was undisciplined, out of shape, and let the “challenge” of getting physically fit dissuade me from pursuing what I really want to do (Federal LE). After finding MTI, it eliminated so many excuses because the programming is so simple. Difficult, but simple. Sure, new exercises I wasn’t familiar with and had to learn…the resources are there though. Everything is so clearly laid out it completely eliminates all excuses and really helps to enable discipline because you know exactly what you need to do each day and it’s just up to you to do it. I’m sure I’m not the first person to provide feedback like this because it seems so obvious and yet, for whatever reason, the fitness industry seems intent on going the opposite direction and making things complicated and exclusive. I think a lot of people are with me in saying, “just tell me what I need to do today to get to where I want to be.” And your programming answers that, whatever someone’s fitness goals are. Thank you for showing me I can actually pursue my career goals and fitness isn’t the barrier.