Love the programs you’re putting out


“Just wanted to pass along that I had my 3rd degree hapkido/jiu-jitsu test on the 21st.  I’m 42, will be 43 in April, 5’9 and 183lbs.  A lot of our guys are former military and current Law Enforcement officers and they let me have it for over an hour.  I was one week short of finishing “Vodka” prior to the test.  And while I didn’t move quite as fluidly as I wanted to (not because of fitness, probably more adrenaline dump related and nerves from being the only one on the mat for all the spectators), I was able to work at a very high threshold (higher than even I thought I could!) for the entire test.  I was to the point that it was pretty difficult to get me fatigued in training to simulate that dynamic.  But of course I’m much more comfortable there, where I can just focus on training and teaching our lower rank members.  I think that was why I wasn’t as fluid as I wanted, just because nerves and adrenaline and I just couldn’t seem to calm down.  Anyway, love the programs you’re putting out, and even though I’m not your “target” market, hoped the feedback would be useful.  And if you do get out to Des Moines anytime soon, please, let me know.”