Light Infantry and Ranger communities


My name is Owen. I am an Airborne and Ranger qualified Army Medic currently stationed at Fort Benning, GA. I started doing your Mountain Athlete and Military Athlete workouts about 2-3 months ago after doing Crossfit for about 2 years, and I can say without any doubt that I am in the best shape of my life. Since starting your programs and adding some Gym Jones and Crossfit I have lost 15lbs and my Strength and Endurance have both improved as well as my Cardio. I can easily run my 2 Mile in under 13 minutes and run 5 miles over a hilly course in around 37 minutes. I routinely jump from Airplanes and while others get hurt, I walk away and I know its a reflection of the tough and austere style of training.

I will be deploying to SW Asia in the Spring and will continue using your programs and passing the knowledge to my platoon. Thanks for what you do for the Military, it is very much appreciated in the Light Infantry and Ranger communities.