Just used your Air Assault Program to prepare my driver for the Air Assault Course

“Coach, good morning from Grafenwoehr Germany. Just read your latest article under the quiet professionals series. You have penned some great comments here that I constantly attempt to drum into our young Soldiers minds as they go about building their careers in the Army. I really appreciate what you have said regarding “putting your ladder up against the wrong wall”. Often I find that we have personnel heading in the wrong direction. Thanks for this article. I found it to be refreshing.

As a side bar, I also find your website a great tool. I just used your Air Assault program to prepare my driver for the Air Assault course here. He is doing great as we speak. He absolutely crushed the obstacle course. When I first met him a year ago he was struggling with the APFT. I used your PT improvement plan and he now comfortably passes the test. Thanks for what you have created here. I am indeed a fan.”