I’ve noticed solid gains

I like the overall gains I’ve seen both from Mountain and Strong swift durable.  I’ve noticed solid gains in ground I can cover or (particularly with a load, i.e. hunting pack, entry vest, etc.) along with stamina and core strength which comes out in cross-country MX races.  I’ve managed top 5 finishes in nearly all of the races I’ve entered in the past two years, thanks in large part to the stamina and strength gains I’ve made (I was finishing 15-20th in the year before).  While I may not be able to bench press or squat as much as some, being “pretty damn good at most everything” is worth a lot to me, especially at work. Along with that, I had great results with the lower back strengthening plan following a back injury last spring.  I got fairly sick of standing/kneeling founders and such, and as much as I hated them, I’m a fan because they worked. Thanks again and tell everyone down there to keep up the good work. –S