I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with your program


I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with your program, in that I love to hate the intensity. A month ago I started operator sessions, having completed the pre-Afghan training program and Big 24 prior to deployment. I’m telling you now I was weighing more on the hate side today with the stamina session. That was one of the most intense workouts I’ve ever done, and I wanted to thank you again for what you do. I actually made it to 12 sets of the back squats/getups when my sandbag broke and dumped into my face. With that said, I just ordered a sandbag and some collars for our gym so I can continue to punish myself at altitude.

I promised you a picture a while back, and I’ve attached it. Sadly, we don’t scale mountains in my AO (although we do sit at 7,500 feet), but this is the best I’ve got for now. This picture of my Squadron Commander (left) and myself was taken shortly before my platoon’s first direct fire incident.

Thank you again for everything. I was physically prepared for the deployment because of your programs, and I can’t begin to thank you enough.

– Z.