It feels like I’m training to be a pack mule


“Wow. I’m three weeks into Mountain Base Helen, and the thoughtfulness with which this program was built is apparent. With the exception of the long cardio day, every workout takes about an hour, which is ideal since I workout at 6AM. You’ve even built in stretching and MFR. As I mentioned to my girlfriend, “they’ve really done all the thinking for me.”

More importantly in my case, Helen is hammering what was my weakest area during my last big climb: my quads. I know my efforts on that muscle group will pay huge dividends – not to mention the extra attention to my lower back, which forces me to stay mindful of core engagement throughout the day.

All in all I’m enjoying Helen because it feels like I’m training to be a pack mule – which is frankly how I want to train. When I go to the garage in the AM, it feels like I’m out there working. Not just performing some exercises, but doing real work. As a result, my mental engagement is high.

Next on the slate is the Alpine Fitness Assessment, which I’ll begin mid February after one week of Helen recovery. After the AFA, I’ll complete the actual Rainier program prior to my glacier course/climb. Kudos on a great program.”