I’m a Tactical Paramedic …

I am a Tactical Paramedic in Canada and Provide Direct Medical Support to Tactical Teams. Fitness wise it’s lots of crazy hours, call ins, rucking weight, stair climbs with weight and then being able to perform sometimes complex medical tasks and utilize psychomotor skills following a duration of physical work.

I have been on and completed the MTI FBI HRT and SWAT selection programs and I am doing the SWAT/SRT Ruger for the 2nd time.

The results are great, from a functional fitness point of view. I am almost 48 y/o and have no problem completing these tasks and sometimes completing them seemingly easier than some much younger than me. I have found that doing them outside during the year in all temps has been beneficial. As an example I did the Tac Sepa outside today and it’s pretty cold and snowy but I think this has been to my advantage as this is the same environment and temp that I operate in.

Just wanted to pass on how great I think the programming is.