I would credit your training with making me “durable”

You might find this feedback interesting….I’ve trained through your Ultra Running, Ruck Based Selection, Operation Ugly Train Up, Work Capacity and Body Weight programs with great results. 10 days ago, I was hiking with my wife- easy day, just six miles over moderate terrain. At mile 3.5, I rolled my ankle and fell hard. I was on the ground for about 5 minutes before I even tried to stand. Long story short, we walked the next 2.5 miles at a slow pace, and every step hurt (not the worse pain I’ve been in, but it was rough). Thinking it was just a sprain, I iced it, took some anti-inflammatory pills, wrapped it, tried to keep the weight off it, and left it at that. While at my routine physical yesterday, I asked my doctor to take a look at it. We took some x-rays, and he had a look of disbelief. I had been walking for 10 days with a broken ankle and not known it. I’d been in some degree of discomfort, but nothing that ever bothered me after the second day. After some further tests, and seeing an orthopedist, they determined that the ligaments and tendons in my feet, ankle and legs were so “durable” and strong, that they were basically making up for a broken bone, hence why I could walk all day with only mild discomfort.

I would credit your training with making me “durable”. While I’m going to be sidelined for the next 12 weeks with a soft cast/hard boot, at least I know I have a bullet proof (sort of) lower body. On another note, any ideas on training for someone with a leg in a boot for the next three months?