I tested for K9 in my department and almost maxed

I used workout plans from you when I was active duty Army from 2011-2015. When I transitioned out I got fat and out of shape. I got back in shape by doing random weightlifting and running a ton. In 2017 I joined a local police department. Earlier this year I tested for a SWAT reserve and realized I need much more job specific training.

This year I have done two of your SWAT programs with significant results. I even suffered from a severe hip sprain and strain that left me bed ridden for almost a week. I was afraid I would not be able to test for a position I wanted.

Today, 10/18, I tested for K9 in my department and almost maxed. I credit your training programs for my success, resilience, and for me performing exceptionally on the range during my test. Thank you so much for you programs and I hope that you continue to produce other SWAT programs.