I just graduated Ranger School after 62 days


“I just graduated Ranger School after 62 days and I would like to take a moment to thank both you and your team for helping to make that happen. I have been using your programs since December, 2016. Following a knee surgery in May, I used the post rehab leg injury training, Valor, Resilience, Gratitude, and finally the Ranger School plan to get me in the physical shape necessary to finish at the top of my class in IBOLC and spend the least amount of time in Ranger School. Specifically, I felt that the heavy focus on Chassis Integrity and durability work helped me move through without issue while many of my peers complained about their knees and backs. I look forward to starting your Afghanistan pre-deployment plan in preparation for my unit’s upcoming rotation overseas, as well as more of the school-specific plans as I progress in my career. Thank you again!”