I found it very effective as a fall prep for backcountry skiing

“I am a long time subscriber, over 9 years using your programs, mostly for mountain related activities I recently finished Wrangell St Elias and wanted to share that’s it’s close to being perfect, kinda like Humility. I found it very effective as a fall prep for backcountry skiing in between a long summer of mostly mountain running. This package of programs was really needed for those of us that don’t climb(much) but need mountain specific programming. What I liked most about this program is the dumbell focus. I just turned 56 and the balancing requirements using dumbbells vs a barbell were surprising – something I didn’t appreciate until I read about deteriorating balance as one ages. So as a suggestion for us SF45 people is to keep some concentration like this in those programs as you have in the WSE. Second, the sprints were brutal and perfect after an endurance focused summer. Your message of simplicity was top of mind as I almost heaved during the first few weeks. So more of that, even for us old guys. Lastly I’m now into the backcountry V4 program and it’s better than v3. I struggled last winter using v3 both in the gym and on skis, and midway through had considered pulling my old copy of v2. V4 combined with Wrangell St Elias has made for a good couple of first days on the snow already.  Thanks for your valuable work”