I couldn’t wait to write this email this morning

Rob, I couldn’t wait to write this email this morning.  A bit of a background on me,  I’m currently in the Army PSYOP-Q and earlier this year I suffered a lumbar muscle strain from crossfit so bad I was in pain getting out of bed, although I have used your rucking selection plan in order to get ready for selection, I regrettably stopped the operator sessions and moved to crossfit.  Now 4 months later after completing your operator sessions, I’m better than I was before my injury. Now two of my buddies in the Q (both are former infantry officers) have been kicking my ass on our weekly rucks, now I’m proud to say I was able to leave them in the dust this morning and beat them by over 8 minutes.  This is an attest to the operator sessions, and I don’t plan on stopping.
Keep up the great work.
– R