I completed the first Goruck Heavy event at Ft Bragg


I wanted to write and thank you for another successful training program. This weekend I completed the first Goruck Heavy event at Ft Bragg. It was setup and ran by Sgt 1st Class Dan Plants of 3rd SFG(A) (whom I think you know). 73 showed-up and 37 finished 24+ hours later. I was in the finishers group – not bad for a 44yo dude. We went 30-40mi with 40# rucks minimum, carrying water cans, stretchers, slosh pipes, and other crazy shit. We hit sidewalks, fields, tank tracks – and whatever the sand/clay/misery mix that composes the trails at Bragg. We did log PT, stairs laps, lunges, etc… Weather was raining 34-45 degrees the whole time with no sun. I used the Ruck-Based Selection program, as you suggested, and that definitely helped carry me through. The rucking NO DOUBT prepared me for the long movements and general abuse we received. The sandbag getups and long work cap sessions especially helped prepare my mind for this event, and fighting off the word that starts with a Q and sounds like quit. If anything ‘gave-out’ on me, I would say my overhead pressing was nonexistent by the end – legs and back were still in the fight to the end.

I’m not sure what is next on the event list, but whatever it is, Military Athlete will be used for training.

Thanks again,

– S.