I can sweep up the rope now like a 90lbs Pacific Islander


“I have been dabbling in the Greek Hero Fitness Plans for about a year now. I completed Hector, Perseus, and Achilles and then randomly gave myself an APFT plus an UBRR and an 18 mile Ruck in the course of about a week. I scored a 296, crushed the minimums of UBRR, and a 4:51:00 on 18 mile with @ 60lbs (Finish not Win pace). It should be noted that I suffered a Grade 3 ACJ in 2013 non surgical and that when I found out about you guys. I started with your bodyweight plan to get back on my feet. I know all of your plans work. Diet has been key. No Alcohol. I am 34. Thanks for what you do and I will be buying the rest of the Greek Hero plans. I just have to go do this “thing” first. They are the best blend of running, rucking, lifting, and explosive bodyweight exercises I have ever done. My friends that suffer through Thor 3 watch in envy. Some of the exercises go easy and I was able to add to them. For example, 6 rounds power clean followed by rope climbs is an awesome concept. It crushed me at first. Then I started doing 3rounds with a 25#vest 3 rounds bodyweight. Then that turned into the whole thing with vest. Then that turned into sliding 2x 5 lbs plated in my vest with plates in already. Then that turned into adding 6 pull-ups with vest after the rope before rest(which I would extend by 30sec) and then the next power clean. I learned that I was pushing it as I started to get major fatigue in my forearms so I backed off for a while and then move on to different plan. That plan also had power clean rope climbs (Yes!) I went back to splitting reps half vest half bodyweight and I highly recommend adding the change no pullups… I can sweep up the rope now like a 90lbs Pacific Islander and I am around 200 with an X frame and can’t dance. I say all this to give feedback. Help the plans evolve. Help you guys stay competitive. The Greek Hero plans have it all. Everyone comments on what I do. I don’t do it because of that. I do it because it’s not standing in front of a mirror curling or working cable tri’s meanwhile having a gut. Far too much of the warrior community are peacocks. They take the easy road by shaping muscle, by looking strong, not performing, hoping to deter aggressors. That is sheepdog mentality. They want to make a big display on the perimeter of their courage. That’s not for me anymore. I desire to live out past the perimeter now. I digress. If you asked what could be added I would say I am at a point where I need more emphasis on stretching rolling soft tissue stuff and your programming will knot you up fast. I have blended Thor 3, Some Squat University stuff, and your warmups and cools downs and it seems to be helping prevent injury. Over the last year the most common tight spots or pain areas were the arch of the foot tightness, calf’s, hamstring lower back. Thanks for what you do. Hope this helps.”