I appreciate the extremely direct, clear and concise communication from the start

This off-season, I finished three programs:

1. Hypertrophy For Skinny Guys (to gain some weight back after a long season). 2. Ultimate Work Capacity. 3. Hotshot Pre-season This is my second off-season with MTI and I have loved it.

At 29, I and confident in saying its the fittest I have ever been. I set new personal records in all of my lifts, runs, and rucks.  I will absolutely be coming back once the season is over to rebuild and get fitter.

Thank you to Rob and your team for what you do, it works and we all benefit from it.  I just wanted to say thank you. I had been looking for something like this for a while and simultaneously forgot everything about “militaryathlete” which I used before in the military. I’m a veteran and was in Group but now living in Montana staying recreationally and athletically competitive while finishing my Econ. degree.

I have to say I was feeling really shorthanded using SEALFit which I was more familiar with in the past. But it’s always needed more and at the risk of flak from its supporters, it is nowhere near the full package for being a complete functional military athlete – on a conventional or SOF level.

More importantly though, I appreciate the extremely direct, clear and concise communication from the start. This is a problem with your competitors and something that your company prevails in. I don’t have to find myself going between different pages or platforms trying to figure things out. It’s simple and effective.

Please keep up the great work and I will continue to proudly subscribe!