He made us do Sand bag get-ups!

I just completed the 24-hour GORUCK Heavy event in Pittsburgh PA this past weekend.   Myself along with 4 other friends used your 6-week GORUCK Heavy training plan (the first version with the long ruck on Wed and the long events on the weekends).   We even did the overnight sessions @ 10 & 12 hours.  Everyone that trained using your plan finished the Heavy!  (30 total started the event, and 22 finished).  The Cadre for the this event also uses your MA Plans and actually talked about Rob Shaul several times and carried a 10# “freedom sledge”  for the whole after telling us about how he does the ruck workouts with the sledge as stated in you plans.  Also, at one point about 1/2 through the event, he made us do Sand bag get-ups!    So glad we used MA to train up for this! Thanks for the great programming – we are big fans and plan to keep using it! –G