Fuck Starbucks, I never liked their marked up coffee anyways

So I am laying briefly collapsed on the floor of our small gym in full kit. What brought me here… well 1 minute ab bridge in kit for starters. As I am laying there and I see people staring at me.. I realize something. Why its worth it. My mate is about 12 meters away laying on the floor too. And I think to myself. How many people do you see in such a state at any time
during their work out? Sure, they are muscular, or strong, but I cant recall anyone ever laying on the floor for a moment to recover for the next iteration. And judging by the looks i get they haven’t either.

In the old days, students of the martial arts would travel hundreds of miles by foot to find a suitable sifu(or master). And I realize at that moment on the floor how valuable great instruction is. There are multiple elements necessary to mastery of anything, however the path to it almost always begins with solid instruction. In this day and age, there is so much information out there(both good and bad) that we may lose sight of the value of quality instruction.

Thank you for the quality level of instruction you provide. A few cups of coffee from star bucks costs me 25 dollars a month.. Fuck starbucks, i never liked their marked up coffee anyways.