From a Paratrooper in Alaska

“Just wanted to say that I respect the work you put into your programming and the methodology you’ve developed. Articles like the “failure resume” are what keeps bringing me back to learn more. I print your articles out and share them with my Soldiers all the time. Arete has become my go to list for the best news applicable to me. So while, you may not have had direct command time you wanted, you are still very influential to countless military members, moreso than if you did take command or joined the Army.

I’ve followed your Greek Hero series for a while now and it works! Minding the Grind is a real thing as I get older (only 33… but in the military that’s old already), I can’t take as many days off from endurance and have to be more strict with my diet than I used to be.

Again. Just wanted to let you know that are appreciated and respected for what you do. Not that you need that validation but sometimes it does a person good to hear.

From a Paratrooper in Alaska.”