Boy this stuff is amazing


“I am in the Active Army, Special Operations and currently am deployed with my team to the mid-east. My team mates have been doing the military on-ramp program to start off the deployment and have since moved on to other programs. I have recently attended a female SOF course and wish I had known about these in depth, incredibly  researched, programs offered here. I had a coach through my sof Thor3 center, and he trained me through fear of not knowing what to expect. That contributed to me going into selection past peak and over reaching. I was not physically consistent throughout the selection. Although I made it to the very end through pure relentless tenacity, it was extremely difficult and I have some sustained injuries resulting.

I am in day two of the first week of mil on-ramp, and love it. This is what I was missing. What wonderful structure this program has and I assume all of the others do as well. Also, I appreciate that this program teaches patience. Through anxiousness and fear of the unknown of some of these schools and selections, its easy to go overboard and think its the right thing if you are not careful. Again, hindsight is 20/20 and boy this stuff is amazing.”