At age 62, I remain “hard to kill” because of the MTN Tactical way of life

Rob, I have followed your advice for a long time and have attempted and completed many of the programs.  I was a Force Recon Marine and Special Operator for 38 years.  I had over 65 months of combat and was wounded twice.  In my second career, I track down runaway juveniles and cold cases for law enforcement.  I have found over 300 kids all over the Northwest.

At age 62, I remain “hard to kill” because of the MTN Tactical way of life.  You have given me great advice – directly through email and in your updates and programs.  You told me to be the lightest I could be and remain strong and functional.  I dropped from 220# and 9-10% body fat to 205# and 5-7% and even with 2 hip replacements I feel as good as I ever have.  You were a MAJOR factor in that realization and result. I am heading to Africa as a Contractor to assist in an operation. I am familiar with the area.  I am very fit right now (I was getting ready for elk season) so I am good to go.  I am good to go because I follow your programs and methodology.  I just did a 10 minute SB Getup test and got a PR of 65.  I was ready to hunt and – though heading to a different place and hunting something different – I am ready for the mission. Rob, you remain a big part of my workout ethos.  Keep doing what you are doing.  Good luck in bow season as well.  This old leatherneck goes forward MTN Tactical fit into the fray.  Semper Fidelis