Added nearly 20 reps to both my max push-ups and max sit-ups


“Mountain Tactical’s APFT training plan has been incredibly rewarding so far. In 3 weeks I shaved over a minute off of my 2 mile run time and added nearly 20 reps to both my max push-ups and max sit-ups. The results speak for themselves. The app is easy to navigate and all of the workouts are laid out in a very simple, easy to understand format. I went from feeling really down on myself for my APFT score to confident that I will max it out. I will be using the “Hector” program next to work on my overall physique and performance. The fact that I can reach out at any time and get a quick response from the program coach is also a huge part of why I am so impressed with Mountain Tactical. Thank you for the awesome programs and I will be recommending you to any/all of my family or friends looking to better themselves and improve their performance.”