The Mountain Tactical Institute is the research and development arm of Strong Swift Durable.

Through Mountain, Military, Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue Athlete, we have developed and deployed mission-focused strength and conditioning programming to mountain and tactical athletes worldwide for nearly a decade.

The Mountain Tactical Institute represents our foray into mission performance beyond strength and conditioning.

MTI’s mission is to explore, examine and identify performance gain opportunities in these areas:

  • Human Performance
  • Mental fitness and Stress Inoculation
  • Mission Nutrition
  • Mountain/battlefield safety practices and instruction
  • Mountain and tactical movement efficiency
  • Gear/materials testing and analysis
  • Technical skill instruction

The intellectual energy of our on-staff PhDs and research team will be directed toward mission-focused, actionable research into human performance, gear, techniques, protocols, and systems utilized by mountain and tactical professionals.

Through a series of ongoing projects and original research, and key strategic partnerships with industry and academia, MTI aims to be a thought leader in the industry, dedicated to improving safety, efficiency, and longevity for professional athletes who regularly risk their lives for their profession.

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