The Mountain Tactical Institute brings a clear, “Mission-Direct” approach to research and analysis. Focus is on practical, actionable, real world solutions which will improve mission performance for mountain and tactical athletes.

Mission-Direct Research

Science-driven data collection and statistical analysis coupled with common sense assumptions and workable recommendations and solutions. No subject which can affect mission performance is too small.

Case Study Research & Analysis

Thorough vetting individual cases and non-blinking assessment of what went right, what went wrong and lessons learned. Actionable recommendations to improve future performance.

Program Evaluation

Focus here is on outputs – mission performance – not inputs – program administration. Does the program work? Is it cost effective? Is it administratively efficient?

Performance Measurement, Standard Development, and Programming Development

Job-task approach to identifying mission-direct measurables followed by standard development. Identify what components are important. Develop minimum standards for these components. Program/train to these standards.

Gear/Equipment Assessment and Selection

Mission-Direct gear and equipment assessment focused identifying the best tool for the job.

Have a Job for MTI?

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