You don’t need more equipment. You need knowledge.

We’ve worked with a range of units and departments on their training challenges. Here are the reasons other leaders have come to us with their fitness program challenges:

  • Promotions and assignment selections are more attributed to PFT scores on evaluations/fitness reports
  • Random, variable, inconsistent unit fitness abilities and requirements:
    • Overall PT program modification to accommodate hurt athletes
    • Unit’s fitness needs vs. individual goals or allowances for support personnel (enablers)
    • Fitness for garrison environment vs. operational environment
    • Fitness training resources and time management issues
  • Broad range of fitness levels amongst unit’s squads, teams and individuals
  • Fitness training is guided by the last battle not the current situation
    • Heuristic training methodologies based on past experiences and successes rather than analyzing the current situation and mission against their current state of readiness
  • PT is simply not a priority

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