Kudos for MTI’s Athlete’s Subscription.


With the Athlete’s Subscription Package comes access to over 200+  MTI Training plans for Mountain, Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, and General Fitness.

In addition – the package includes access to our daily training session across 3x programs:

  • Military Athlete
  • Mountain Athlete
  • Law Enforcement Athlete


We wanted to know what our customers like best about the Athlete’s Subscription and this is what we got:

"I like the programming content and the ability to mix and match parts from various plans."


"Thank you for putting together such a solid platform for fitness. I've PTd and worked out my entire life and have never had such well planned programs. Been well worth the price. Thank you"


"Easy to access programmes and operator sessions. Great exercise demonstration videos - links in sessions to exercise videos would be appreciated."


"I love the access to a large variety of plans. I find that my immediate needs change and the subscription offers me variety to meet the different fitness needs I have. Also the plans available vary in length, and functional focus. For example, I can use APFT improvement then switch back to Greek Heroes when I have an APFT come up"


"Access to huge amounts of plans, so I can target specific areas I wish to develop and keep my training fresh."


"Accessibility is great, being able to plan ahead by accessing all the available programs allows me to be flexible in my periodization"


"Programming. Very work related for Fire/Rescue"


"I have seen tremendous improvement in my relative strength and chassis integrity. I really enjoy how structured each workout is."


"All areas of fitness and carry over into the job. Especially the way I feel physically, very little pain with this programming."


"The operator programing and access to all the tons of other programs is exactly what I need to keep my fitness fresh and realavant. I have settled into a routine of doing an operator plan followed by an improvement plan and then repeat."


"Great, well thought out programming. I prefer to use the plans over the daily workouts these days, but I use to do the daily workouts"


"Removes the burden of planning day-to-day training. I can focus on work and school because my training is already planned out. Also, I have found that assessment component helps drive progress efficiently."


"I like the ability to look at the workouts for any training program to help determine which one is most appropriate for my training goals and available time and equipment. Great mix of plans that fits a lot of my mountain related goals. I'm a relative novice at weight lifting- videos and descriptions have made it less intimidating to incorporate into training."



"I'm waiting for a back injury to get better whilst waiting for my selection to start. Having all the programs to go through progressively gives me confidence that when go to selection I'll be ok."


"I like that I can move from plan to plan as needs develop or change. It's also helpful to see all of the workouts ahead of time to get a complete sense of the programs that I'm considering so I can choose the one that works best with my schedule, training goals, etc. The overviews are sufficient and can be trusted but more detail is always helpful when evaluating a plan."


"Simple, straightforward, and like the ability to see all the plans at once and tailor them for my season."


"Having access to workouts whenever I need them and being able to choose what workout plan I want to do. This helps with the always changing schedule that comes with being in the Army."


"My subscription & the plans I choose give me the road map to achieving my fitness/activity goals. Having access to these plans takes the guess work out of what to do when I hit the gym, which when left to my own devices, inevitably devolves into doing some variation of the same exercises. The monkey see, monkey do works well for me as I'm certainly not skilled in putting plans together nor do I have the interest in doing so."


"The vast amount of plans available in addition to the daily sessions."


"Ability to move among strength-focused plans (357, Aecteon, Rather 6, etc.). I really like the entire plan being posted (i.e. all 6 weeks and the overview)- easier to schedule workouts around travel and equipment limitations."





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