Athlete’s Subscription Now Includes Online Courses

By Mintra Mattison

We are constantly improving and updating our Training Plans in order to provide the latest training methodologies for our athletes. Constant improvement and re-evaluation are part of the process here at MTI and a pretty big chunk of what keeps this company going.

So it was only logical for us to improve our Athlete’s Subscription Package by including our educational online programming courses.

What we’ve noticed over the years is that our athletes not only enjoy and appreciate our programming but often like to understand the reasoning behind the progressions.

The following 7 courses have been added to the Athlete’s Subscription Package.  Click the links below for more on the courses. .

As we continue to build out our online programming courses, the added courses will automatically be added.

Subscriber? You’ll find access to the courses at your dashboard page after you log in. Click “Courses” on the menu bar. See below:

Not a subscriber? You can still purchase these courses at the links above.

So now the Athlete’s Subscription Package not only includes over 200 individual Training Plans but has become even more more valuable for the experienced athlete or coach who desires to learn more about strength and conditioning program design.


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