Introducing MTI’s “Arete” Discussion Group

By Rob Shaul


Arete is one of the more interesting things we do here at MTI, and it has a dedicated weekly readership.

The articles that make each week’s Arete are those within the MTI areas of interest that I find (1) Important and interesting, or (2) just interesting. Often, I purposely look for articles and essays which challenge conventional wisdom and thinking. I work hard on it every week.

I’ve received many notes over the years from Arete readers and MTI subscribers who appreciate Arete and its way of introducing them to thoughts, news and information that wouldn’t have come across their radar otherwise.

Last week we took Arete one step further – by having a weekly discussion group via a Zoom call to better connect with the readers who follow this type of stuff and also expand my own radar for news, thoughts, and information. The discussion happens on Fridays at noon, mountain time.

Now, with each Arete, I identify the 1 article under each category I find the most interesting or important, and start the discussion there – then open up the lines for reader’s thoughts, feedback, etc. Then we’d just let it flow from there. The meeting lasts 45 minutes or so.

Interested in listening in and/or joining the discussion? Please click HERE to read this week’s Arete and find the meeting details.


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