Female Lab Rats needed for Pulling Strength & Heavy Rucking Improvement Study

Civil Affairs Selection

By Rob Shaul

MTI Fellow Jaimie Cunningham is researching the best programming methodology to improve pulling strength and heavy rucking performance for female military athletes.

Female Lab Rats are needed to test different programming protocols.

Common Questions:

How Long is the Study?
3 weeks. 5 days/week, plus 1 more day for a re-assessment.

When will it Start?
June 19th. Study will end with final re-assessment on Monday, July 10th.

Do I have to be in the military to participate?
No. Any female athlete can be a MTI Lab Rat.

Why are you doing this study?
We’re interested in improving female military athletes’ performance at military schools and SOF selections. From a fitness perspective, two trouble areas for many female candidates is pulling strength and rucking ability.

Who is Jaimie?
Jaimie is a licensed Physical Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach who’s husband is in the Army and stationed at Fort Bragg.

Do I have to be near Fort Bragg to participate?
No. You can participate wherever you live.

What Equipment is Needed?
– Ruck, up to 100 pounds of filler.
– Climbing Rope
– Pull up Bar
– Stop watch

What if I have more Questions?
Email Jaimie @ cunningham.jaimie@gmail.com

I’m In. Where do I sign up?
Email Jaimie @ cunningham.jaimie@gmail.com

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