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Video – Westmoreland: The General Who Lost Vietnam, Small Wars Journal
Don’t Believe All Those Stories About The Germans And Mission Command, Task & Purpose
New Report Says War In Afghanistan Is A Raging Dumpster Fire, Shocking Absolutely No One, Task & Purpose
Here are the rules of engagement for troops deploying to the Mexican border, Air Force Times
Can special camo netting hide Marines from eyes in the sky? Defense News
2001 CNN Documentary – Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT), Small Wars Journal
Army holds off Air Force, 17-14, for its 11th straight win at home, Air Force Times
Top US Navy officer tells China to behave at sea, Defense News
General, five others reprimanded in connection with 2017 ambush that left four dead, Stars and Stripes
So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance: Observations from the Army Combat Fitness Test Pilot, War on the Rocks
Others May Have Succeeded In Finding Meaning After The Military, But I Haven’t, Task & Purpose
Bring the Tanks Back: It Is Time to Put a U.S. Armored Brigade in Germany, Task & Purpose
Fund drive for family of major killed in Afghanistan approaches $400K, Stars and Stripes
Army’s Soldier and Squad Performance Research Institute Will Increase Lethality, Resilience, Soldier Systems
On Drones and Tactics: How Unmanned Platforms Will Change the Way the Infantry Fights, Modern War Institute
Germany’s Military Is a Total Mess: No Working Submarines, New Equipment Is Defective., The National Interest


Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildlife Fire

Pentagon Doesn’t Want Real Artificial Intelligence In War, Former Official Says, Defense All
Good Samaritan Pulls West Virginia Trooper From Fiery Wreck, Officer
A Look at the Upcoming Film ‘Wildland’, Outside
What We Learned from the Yarnell Hill Fire Deaths, Outside
The wildfire within: gender, leadership and wildland fire culture, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Increase engagement with modern scheduling technology (white paper), Firerescue 1 Daily News
Controlling Crime Through Media and Public Relations, Law Enforcement Today
Chula Vista Police Demo Drones Assisting as First Responders Officer
Has Yellowstone “recovered” from the 1988 wildfires? Wildfire Today
Two-minute explanation of how wildfires burn, Wildfire today
Colorado Sheriff’s Deputy Seriously Injured in Jail Attack, Police One
Man Walks Into Florida Police Station, Confesses to Two Murders,
Report: Reforming controversial first responder retirement program would save LA millions, Police One
Speaking your mind: What cops need to consider, Police One
Denver Police May Encrypt Radio Traffic, Officer


North Face Explores The Lasting Allure of Chamonix, Unofficial Networks
Daniel Woods Makes the First Ascent of Box Therapy (V16) in Rocky Mountain National Park, Climbing Magazine
Beautiful Short Film Takes You on the Dramatic First Climb of Janhukot, Adventure Journal
Hikers Shouldn’t Have to Pay Trail Fees, Outside
What’s Up With Speed Climbing?, REI
Two Guides Killed In New Zealand Avalanche, Unofficial Networks
This Black Crows video will shift your perspective of resort skiing, Freeskier
Alex Honnold’s TED Talk Is Master Class in Preparation & Training, Unofficial Networks
How Hunting Can Deepen Your Connection to the Outdoors, The Outbound Collective Journal
Mount Hood’s Deadliest Disaster, Outside
How to Belay a Leader with an Assisted Braking Device, Americal Alpine Institute
Colorado’s Statewide Snowpack Is Currently Over 150% Of Average, Unofficial Networks
How Gear Brands Pick Colors, Outside
3 Exercises to Train for Carrying Heavy Packs, Backpacker
Should Ski Areas Offer Uphill Access?, Unofficial Networks
The Most Exciting Skis and Snowboards of 2019, Outside
5 Questions With Angela Hawse, Second Woman to Head AMGA, Adventure Journal


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

9 Myths About the Ketogenic Diet, Muscle & Fitness
Once Paralyzed, Three Men Take Steps Again With Spinal Implant, NY Times
The Top 5 Fitness Trends of 2019, Men’s Health
What Kind of Foods Make Us Fat? NY Times
10 Easy and Nutritious Low-carb Food Swaps, Muscle & Fitness
Physical Fitness and Blood Glucose Influence Performance in IndyCar Racing, JSCR
Maximal Upper-Body Strength and Oxygen Uptake Are Associated With Performance in High-Level 200-m Sprint Kayakers, JSCR
Comparison of Physical Fitness Parameters for Starters vs. Nonstarters in an NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Team, JSCR
Performance of Future Elite Players at the National Football League Scouting Combine, JSCR
The Injured Identity Crisis, Freeskier
The Only Chili Recipes You’ll Ever Need, Outside
Tennis elbow treatments provide little to no benefit, study finds, Science Daily
Drinking coffee may reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Science Daily
Study: 1 Energy Drink Might Harm Blood Vessels, WebMD
9 Top Nutrition Myths Debunked, Muscle & Fitness
How To Best Collaborate Between Physical Therapy And Fitness, Mike Reinhold


The Trick To Happiness After The Military: Find Another Weird, Underappreciated Job, Task & Purpose
Small Towns Offer Clues to Life Expectancy Drop, WebMD
State of the Art: How Mark Zuckerberg Became Too Big to Fail, NY Times
Austria Says It Won’t Sign UN Global Migration Pact, In Homeland Security
The 10 Best Used Car Models from 2007 to 2019, Gear Patrol
Tesla’s Summon upgrade turns vehicles into remote-controlled cars, Endgadget
‘Ecstasy’ Study Results Promising for PTSD, WebMD
Australia’s changing relationship with alcohol, Science Daily
250,000 Anchor Babies born in The US in  2016, Down from 390,000 in 2017, Pew Research Center
Elon Musk doesn’t care if people buy his ‘Blade Runner pickup truck’, The Verge
How America Became the Nation of Yoga Pants, Bloomberg
Spanking Is Ineffective and Harmful to Children, Pediatricians’ Group Says, NY Times
One Fork to Rule them All, Outside
Why women receive less CPR from bystanders, Science Daily
Study suggests childhood obesity linked to poor school performance and coping skills, Science Daily
America Is No Longer Attracting The Top Minds In Physics, Forbes
Suicides Among Japanese Children Reach Highest Level in 3 Decades, NY Times
Walmart Surpasses Amazon as Online Shoppers’ Most Popular Grocer, Bloomberg
Facebook Admits It Was Used to Incite Violence in Myanmar, NY Times
After Man-Eating Tiger Is Killed in India, a Backlash Against the Hunters, NY Times

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