Mini Study: 3 Weeks of MTI’s “Super Squat” Progression Leads to 4.9% Strength Gains

By Rob Shaul   BLUF Experienced MTI Lab Rats showed an average 4.9% strength gain over two strength exercises following MTI’s “Super Squat” strength progression for 3 weeks within a multi-modal fluid periodization training cycle.   Background MTI’s “Super Squat” progression is our implementation of the famous book, “Super Squats: How to Gain 30 Pounds […]

Mini Study: 3-Week Volume-Based Bodyweight Strength Progression Realizes 17.4% Average Assessment Improvement

By Rob Shaul BLUF A volume-based progression which per session dictated 240%, 300%, and 360% of assessment reps realized an average 17.4% assessment improvement across three exercises – Hand Release Push Ups, In-Place Lunges and Pull Ups.   Background Over the past 12 years, MTI has developed multiple bodyweight strength progressions. These were initially driven […]

Mini Study: 8 Second Dead Hang Work Intervals “May” Outperform 4 Second Dead Hang Work Intervals for Increasing Finger Strength

By Rob Shaul   BLUF We conducted a 4-Week Mini study comparing the effectiveness of two hang board dead hang duration intervals (4 seconds vs. 8 seconds) to increase finger strength assessed by a dead hang for time. Results “seem” to indicate the 8-second intervals were more effective, but they are suspect because the 4-second […]

2018 Rock Climbing Pre-Season Cycle Results and Discussion

By Rob Shaul, Founder My Rock Climbing Lab Rats finished their 5-Week training cycle Thursday. I described the basic outline of this cycle in a post here a week ago, and today want to focus mostly on the results.   Background I narrowed the Rock Climbing intensity in this cycle to focus primarily on strength. […]

Mini Study: Inconclusive Results on the Best Way to Improve Mobility…. Patterning vs. Flexibility vs. Combo

By Rob Shaul   BLUF We conducted a mini-study comparing three exercise protocols to improve overhead squat mobility. Exercise Protocols: Patterning Only Exercises Flexibility Only Exercises (stretching) Combo – Patterning and Flexibility Exercises Several athletes demonstrated improved overhead squat mobility over the course of the 6-week cycle, however, no exercise protocol stood out as providing […]

Mini Study Results: Heavy Loading, Low Volume Beats Moderate Loading, Moderate Volume for Increasing Strength in Female Athletes

By Rob Shaul, Founder Background & Study Design In 2016 we conducted a “geek cycle” at MTI which tested two different set/rep schemes for increasing 1RM strength in female athletes. Anecdotally, in coaching strength sessions with women over the years at MTI, I’ve seen that in general, women are hesitant to push 1RM efforts. There […]

“Geek Cycle” Researching Female Set/Rep Schemes for 1RM Strength, Best Way To Improve Mobility, Campus Board Progressions

By Rob Shaul, Founder We started a triple purpose 6-week “geek cycle” with our local lab rats mid-December at our Wyoming Facility aimed at researching three distinct areas:   (1) Female Set/Rep Schemes for 1RM Strength Until this cycle, we’ve never looked at female strength programming separately, and in our research, could not find another […]