Mini Study Results: 2/3 the Volume Programming Achieves the Same Fitness Improvements as a High Volume Programming for a Multi-Modal Training Cycle

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF We conducted a 4-week Mini-Study using remote lab rats to test the effect of training volume across three training measurables: Strength (barbell and bodyweight), Sprint-Based Work Capacity, and Endurance (3-Mile run Performance). Specifically, we were interested to see if we could reach the same strength and conditioning results by training […]

Mini-Study: Density Strength Beats Super Squat Strength, Hinge Lift Beats Swings, Loaded vs. Unloaded Running Inconclusive

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF We conducted a 3.5-week Mini-Study using remote lab rats to test: (1) Density Strength Progression vs. Super Squat Progression for 1RM Increase in the Back Squat and Bench Press (2) Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings vs a Hinge Lift Progression to improve Hinge Lift 1RM Strength (3) Loaded vs. Unloaded Running to Improve […]

Mini Study: Disappointing Results from Explosive Power “Geek Cycle”

By Rob Shaul, Founder   BLUF A 3-Week training cycle designed specifically to train explosive power significantly improved assessed performance in just one of the four events assessed. The well-trained subjects in the study improved in the Backwards Medicine Ball toss an average of 10%, but improvement in the other three events, Broad Jump, 10-yard […]

Lab Rat “Geek Cycle” Explores Training “Explosive Power”

By Rob Shaul This week MTI Lab Rats began a 4-week “geek cycle” designed to test both “explosive power” assessments and training progressions. By “Explosive Power” we mean explosive power demonstrated in a single explosive movement or short-duration series of the same movements. In the strength and conditioning world, another way to consider power is […]

Mini Study: Stress Decreases Archery Accuracy 23%

By Rob Shaul BLUF This mini-study investigated the effect of stress on archery accuracy and found that a simple stress event which applied a small fitness demand and shot time limit decreased archery accuracy by an overall average of 23% for two subjects.   BACKGROUND & STUDY DESIGN Previously, MTI has done extensive work on […]

Using Time Under Tension as a Basis for Rock and Ice Climb Program Design

By Rob Shaul A decade ago when I began programming for climbers I bought every book on climbing training in print, read like crazy, and tried to apply the programming other coaches described. It was a disaster. Vague terms like “power,” “power endurance,” “strength,” and “endurance” were defined around a hard to quantify measurement tool […]

Mini Study: Leg Blasters vs. Quadzilla Complex for Strength Gains

By Rob Shaul   BLUF This 3-week mini-study compared the strength-building abilities of two well-known MTI leg strength complexes: Leg Blasters and Quadzilla Complexes. Six veteran MTI athletes were split into two groups – the Leg Blaster Group and the Quadzilla Group. Pre and post-cycle, both groups complete a 1 repetition maximum (1RM) Front Squat […]

Mini-Study Bench Press Progression: Classic Pyramid vs. Modified Big 24 Results Inconclusive

By Rob Shaul   BLUF MTI frequently tests progressions against each other in an effort to identify the most effective programming. In this mini-study, six experienced MTI Lab Rats were broken into two groups, and each put through a different 3-week bench press progression: (1) Classic Pyramid, and (2) Modified Big 24 Pre-and Post-study all […]

Mini-Study: Running Transfers to Rowing Slightly Better than Rowing Transfers to Running

By Rob Shaul   BLUF We conducted a short, 4-Week Mini-Study to test the cross transferability of two modes of endurance training: Running to Rowing, and Rowing to Running. Results found assessment improvement in both modes, but the transfer of rowing to running was twice as great. Background Does swimming make you a better runner? […]