Study Results: No Easy Answer On Pull-Up Improvement

  By Adam Scott, MS, CSCS What is the best way to improve pull-ups? In July 2015 we conducted a Pilot Study trying to answer that very question. Building on our little study, twelve weeks ago, Dr. Eric Martin of California State University Monterery Bay (CSUMB) started a much larger, academic experiment using athletes from […]

The Best Way to Improve Push-Ups: Mini Study Results

Adam Scott, MS, CSCS   Push-Ups are abounded not only in tactical but also in the fitness world.  They are used in fitness tests (1,2).  They are used during training programs (3,4).  And they are even used to predict injuries and job performance (4).  So, we set out to examine four commonly used methods for improving Push-Ups.  […]

Airsoft Mini-Study Results: Better than Dry Fire, but not much Traction

By Rob Shaul The staff at Mountain Tactical recently completed a “Mini Study” to assess the affects airsoft target has on actual marksmanship. A follow up to our Dry Fire Mini Study a earlier this winter, we were hoping working with airsoft rifles, indoors, and getting actual target shot placement feedback, would transfer to the […]

Day Two with Professional Skier, Forrest Jillson: Hitting the Side-Country for More Peril

Adam Scott, MS, CSCS Four weeks ago we strapped one of our new Zephyr Bioharnesses on professional Freeskier, Forrest Jillson, during a day of Freeskiing and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR).  Amazed at what we found, we decided to do it agin…but this time we had Forrest split his time between in-bounds runs and side-country […]

Arm or Leg Injury? Train the Other Limb to Build Strength in Both

 By Adam Scott, MS, CSCS   A study from the University of Copenhagen found that just 2 weeks of inactivity in a limb can lead to a 33% loss in strength – a decline which was equated to aging 40-50 years.  The study’s disheartening news didn’t stop there.  The researchers also found that the fitter the […]

Operator Ugly and a Snapshot of U.S. Special Operations Soldiers

By Adam Scott, MS, CSCS   In 2016,  MTI traveled to Fort Bragg, NC for seven days of coaching, research and education.  Our visit included training sessions with students from the US Army Special Forces Qualification Course, current US Army Special Operations soldiers, Cadre at the John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, and […]

Pro Skier hits 8G’s, Burns 2,900 Calories in a day of Resort Skiing

Above: A short clip of Forrest Jillson from last season.   By Adam Scott, MS, CSCS Most research examining the physiological demands of downhill skiing is well over 20 years old (1).  In that time the sport, its equipment, and our research tools have changed drastically…it is time to start updating our information. We started […]

2016: A New Year and A New Approach to Research

Adam Scott, MS, CSCS With roughly 15 studies in less than 7 months it is no secret that we have made a big push towards research.  In those 7 months we have studied everything from energy drinks to rucking to trigger pull.  Now, as we look back at 2015 and ahead to 2016, one thing stands-out: […]

Study Summary: Lighter Trigger Resistance May Offer Cost-Effective Means of Improving Marksmanship Over 15 Yards

Adam Scott and Rob Shaul   SUMMARY PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of trigger pull resistance on non-stressed and stressed tactical marksmanship at three distances: 15 yards, 50 yards, and 100 yards.  SUBJECTS: Ten experienced, part-time members of a medium-sized city (Fresno, CA) SWAT team (ages 32-45) participated in […]