Fire/Rescue Help Needed: What SCBA Emergency Air Management Techniques Do You Employ?

MTI is conducting research on the breathing methods firefighters employ when their self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) air supply runs low. These systems employ a “low-air alarm,” notifying the firefighter that they must exit the structure quickly, while preserving the little amount of air remaining. Our initial research has discovered just two breathing techniques for emergency […]

Scrum Participant Q&A

During the Scrum Event, we brought together a network of Quite Professionals from the Mountain, Military, Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement, coaches and business leaders. Throughout the weekend we asked each of the participants the same four questions: What is your Occupation? Where are you From? What is the Biggest Challenge you face in your Profession? What […]

Military Athlete T-Shirt Design Collaborative

We’re looking for t-shirt designs submitted by you, the Military Athlete. We will cover the design expenses and manufacturing fees, and your t-shirt design will be featured on the Mountain Tactical Institute website store. You’ll keep the profit, estimated at $4 per t-shirt. The MTI staff will pick the top five design submissions to be […]

Freight Train Hopping to Exum Owner: Interview with Tom Hargis

Tom climbing Iconoclast, Snow Creek Wall, Leavenworth, Washington. by Lindsay Mann Everything with Tom comes with a story. If Albert Einstein were to be a mountain guide, he would be Tom Hargis. Each morning he walks into Mountain Athlete at 5:45am with his flowing white hair, chalk bag, and a calm demeanor. While other Exum […]

Scrum Participants Divulge Their Lessons Learned for Mountain and Tactical Rookies

During the weekend of June 10-12th MTI hosted the Scrum event. We brought together a network of Quiet Professionals from the Mountain, Military, Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement, coaches, and business leaders here in Jackson, WY. The participants represent some of the best from their respective fields, and we wanted to learn what principles they’ve established for such high […]

Mini Study Finds 1 Lb On Your Feet = 4 Lbs On Your Back for Slow Hiking Pace

by Kyle Bochanski   Rucking Rules A few years ago MTI posted an article reviewing previous studies to create a list of “5 Military Rucking Rules Every Backpacker Should Know”. Some of these rules we tested again as we developed our MTI Route Card. We wanted to ensure accurate predictions of rucking times based on distance, […]

Rock Climbing Exposure Mini Study: How Can We Measure Fear?

Mountain Athlete Mike Mock climbing at the Fins, Idaho.   By Kyle Bochanski In March 2016, MTI studied the effect of fear-induced stress on ice climbers. In June 2016, we conducted a preliminary follow-up study with a rock climber. Our ultimate goal is to develop a research methodology that allows us to determine how much fear […]

Clinging to Authenticity in a World Drowning in Social Media

  By Morgan McGlashon   There is an expectation in the outdoor industry that every mountain sports photo looks easy, fun, and flawless. Mountain athlete social media posts brim with giggles and smiley faces and stunning mountain photos and the obligatory cute caption about how great the day was. Every week brings new adventures in […]

Scrum Vision

Next weekend sixteen professionals from across the mountain and tactical spectrum will come to Jackson for the first MTI Scrum. Our goal with the Scrum is to conceptualize a new type of industry gathering. The typical model involves speakers, courses, trade shows, and artificial “mingling” times. While industry conferences suck you in with glitzy marketing […]