Grunt PT is the Mountain Tactical Institute’s day-to-day mission-direct, tactical programming for line unit, active duty soldiers.

By Rob Shaul, Founder MTI

After witnessing many top-down, command-driven fitness initiative failures over the past decade, we committed to developing programming line unit soldiers at all levels could implement on their own, with or without command support. In this way we consider Grunt PT a “Fitness Insurgency.” (Click HERE for more about Grunt PT’s backstory.)

Grunt PT has it’s foundation in MTI’s elite level “Operator Session” day-to-day programming for SOF personnel and trains the following fitness attributes concurrently:

  • Relative Strength – strength per bodyweight
  • TAC SEPA – Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility
  • Work Capacity – with a sprinting emphasis
  • Chassis Integrity – MTI’s functional core training methodology. More HERE.
  • Military Endurance – running, rucking
$1/month per soldier.

Programming Specifics
Grunt PT cycles are 6 weeks long, 5 days/week. Athletes rotate between Strength/TAC SEPA, Work Capacity/Chassis Integrity and Endurance sessions daily. Here is the training schedule over 2 weeks:


  • Monday: Strength/TAC SEPA
  • Tuesday: Work Capacity/Chassis Integrity
  • Wednesday: Endurance (running, rucking or both)
  • Thursday: Strength/TAC SEPA
  • Friday: Work Capacity/Chassis Integrity


  • Monday: Endurance
  • Tuesday: Strength/TAC SEPA
  • Wednesday: Work Capacity/Chassis Integrity
  • Thursday: Endurance (running, rucking or both)
  • Friday: Strength/TAC SEPA

Each training day there are 3x Training Sessions: Black, Gray and Green.

Implementation depends upon equipment restrictions.

The Black, Green and Gray Training Sessions are equipment-independent of each other, which gives fitness leaders with equipment restrictions the ability to split the soldiers into 3 groups (Black, Gray, Green) and train different fitness attributes each day to maximize the use of available equipment.

If there are few soldiers and bunches of equipment, all the soldiers in the unit can complete the same training session each day. If not, the soldiers can be split into groups:

The major equipment limitation of Grunt PT is barbells, bumper plates and racks needed for the strength sessions. In general, fitness leaders will need 1x barbell, bumpers and rack for every 3 soldiers who are training.

Strength session groups will do the warm up together then be split be divided – half will use the barbells for 20 minutes, half will use dumbbells/kettlebells for 20 minutes, then they will swap. The group will come together again for the TAC SEPA final part of the session.

Work Capacity and endurance groups will train together for the entire session.

In addition to barbells and racks, other equipment requirements include plyo boxes, 60# sandbags, and dumbbells.

Scroll to the bottom for list of required equipment needed for entire company of 100-120 soldiers. Email equipment questions to

$1/Month per soldier. Cancel anytime. Click HERE.

Active Duty Only
– Grunt PT is available for active duty military soldiers only.
– Grunt PT is not restricted to US soldiers – active duty soldiers from US-friendly country can also use Grunt PT programming.
– You will be asked to verify you are active duty military before purchase.


I’m a Squad Leader with 12 guys counting me in my Squad. How much is the Grunt PT Subscription Cost for me and my guys?
$1 per soldier per month. 12 guys = $12/month.

I’m a Company Commander with 110 soldiers in my company. How much is the Grunt PT Subscription for my company?
$1 per soldier per month. 110 guys = $110/month.

I’m a soldier who will be training alone. How much is the Grunt PT Subscription for me?
$1 per soldier per month. 1 guy = $1/month.

I’m a soldier and me and two other active duty guys from other units want to do Grunt PT together. How much is a subscription for us?
$1 per soldier per month. 3 guys = $3/month.

What’s to stop me from subscribing for $1/month and sharing the training sessions with other guys in my unit?
Your integrity. Please don’t steal from us.

Many of my soldiers have little freeweight training experience. Can they still do Grunt PT? 
Yes. The strength training exercises in Grunt PT are simple, but hard. Doing back squats, front squats, bench presses, power cleans, etc. is not rocket science. Be conservative with loading – light at first – and they will figure it out.

We have everything to train in your equipment list except sandbags. What can we substitute?
Nothing. Be resourceful. You’re an insurgent.

I’m a reservist, but want to do Grunt PT. Can I subscribe?
Sorry, no. Grunt PT is for active duty military only.

My unit requires a unit-wide ruck every Friday. What should I do? 
If you miss a session, start again where you left off in that cycle. So, if you make Session 19, but miss Session 20 because of the unit-wide ruck, complete Session 21 when you return to training and work forward from there.

More Questions?

Below is a Grunt PT Equipment List for a Company of 100-120 Soldiers.

This equipment list would assume the Company would be broken up into 3x groups of 30-40 soldier: Black, Gray and Green

Squat Stands/Barbells/Plates:

  • 5x Squat Stands
  • 5x Barbells with set of collars
  • Bumper Plates per barbell. 2 each of … 45s, 35s, 25s, 15s, 10s
  • Metal Plates per barbeel: 2 each of 10s, 5s, 2.5s
  • 2x Pairs of Extra 45# Bumpers


  • 10x Pairs of 25#
  • 4x Pairs of 35#
  • 4x Pairs of 45#
  • 4x Pairs of 55#
  • 4x Pairs of 65#
  • 3x Pairs of 75#

Conditioning/Work Capacity

  • 12x 20/24/30 Plyo Boxes
  • 15x 60# Sandbags


  • 30x Foam rollers (36″ cut down into 12″)
  • 18 Cones
  • 30x Exercise Mats
  • 15x Pieces of PVC
  • 1x 5 Gallon Bucket for collar/PVC Storage
  • 1x Bucket and Chalk

We also assume soldiers could use their Individual Body Armor for Agility and Conditioning.