SWAT/SRT “Gun Maker” Training Packet


• 4 Training Plans designed specifically for full time SWAT/SRT athletes
• 28 weeks of mission direct fitness programming for SWAT/SRT team members – most cycles are 5 days/week, and each includes an unload week between cycles.
• 30% savings over purchasing the plans individually. Save $67!
• You can purchase these plans together in this packet, individually, as well, all are included with an Athlete’s Subscription to the website.

Product Description


The MTI “Gun Maker” Training Packet is composed of our 4 “Gun Maker” training plans developed for full time Law Enforcement SWAT/SRT  athletes.

The “Gun Maker” plans represent deploy the most recent iteration of our Fluid Periodization model where we train the 5 fitness attributes of a SWAT/SRT Athletes:

  • Relative Strength
  • Work Capacity
  • Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility (TAC SEPA)
  • Endurance (running)
  • Chassis Integrity

4 Plans included in this packet:

A 6 week, 4 day/week training cycle, Ruger has a slight emphasis on Strength and Work Capacity. Chassis Integrity, TAC SEPA, Endurance and Stamina are also trained, but the emphasis for Ruger is strength and work capacity. Ruger is the only 4 day/week plan in the series.

  • Strenth – Ruger’s strength work is focused on 4 classic barbell exercises: Push Press, Box Squat, Front Squat and Weighted Pull Up. The plan deploys our proven “Rat 6” strength training methodology which is a percentage based progression based on 1RM (1 rep max).
  • Work Capacity – Ruger’s work capacity effort is focused on a weekly, intense, 15-minute total density effort combining two gym-based exercises. You’ll also complete one other work capacity event weekly  – a longer 20 minute effort or a shorter 10 minute hit.
  • Endurance – Unloaded, moderately-paced runs to 6 miles
  • TAC SEPA – One time weekly, agility or speed work.
  • Chassis Integrity – One time weekly, rotation, total and anti-rotation exercises.

Ruger weekly training schedule:

  • Day 1: Strength, Work Capacity
  • Day 2: TAC SEPA, Chassis Integrity
  • Day 3: Strength, Work Capacity
  • Day 4: Endurance, Chassis Integrity

A “balanced cycle,” Glock trains the 5 fitness attributes in generally equal proportions.

  • Strength – Glock deploys our “TLU” strength session design. TLU design is MTI’s most proven strength session design and trains a total body, lower body and upper body strength exercise each session in modulating intensities.
  • Work Capacity – You’ll train work capacity two time per week during Glock, Mondays and Fridays. Mondays your work capacity effort is a long, 20-30 minute multi-modal effort in a 25# weight vest or IBA. Friday’s effort is split between 2 10 minutes events – 40-foot shuttle sprints, and an intense power clean/box jump/burpee density effort.
  • Endurance – Glock’s endurance work is focused on improving your speed over ground. The work is built around a 4-mile run assessment and follow-on intervals based on your assessment time.
  • TAC SEPA – Split between two types of events – multi-level agility and sprints/shuttles. You’ll complete drills unloaded first, and then loaded in your IBA or 25# weight vest.
  • Chassis Integrity – Friday’s you’ll train total, rotation and anti-rotation mid-section strength and strength endurance. Wednesdays you’ll focus on low back/extension strength and strength endurance.
  • Glock weekly schedule:
  • Monday: TAC SEPA, Work Capacity
  • Tuesday: Strength
  • Wednesday: TAC SEPA, Chassis Integrity
  • Thursday: Endurance
  • Friday: Work Capacity, Chassis Integrity

Beretta is a 6 week, 5 session/week (30 Total Training Sessions) plan with an emphasis on Endurance and Chassis Integrity. Strength, Work Capacity, TAC SEPA, and Stamina are also trained, but the emphasis for Beretta is endurance and chassis Integrity

  • Strength – eccentric training for strength work in this cycle and focus on two lifts: Back Squat and Bench Press. Eccentric training = slow on the way down. For this cycle we use 5 second drops. Here’s a Eccentric Back Squat example: Eccentric work generally requires a spotter. No spotter, do the lifts as normal, using the prescribed percentages.
  • Work capacity efforts in this cycle all deploy the same event – power cleans to shuttle sprints – but the overall event duration increases. This is perhaps my favorite work capacity event for tactical athletes.
  • Chassis Integrity – Beretta deploys three types of Chassis Integrity circuits, all are long grinds (15-20 minutes). ART Circuits (3 core exercises – anti-rotation, rotation and total); Low Back (4 low back exercises) and; Combo (mix of low back and other core exercises).
  • TAC SEPA – Both speed and multi-level agility drills.
  • Work Capacity – One time/week, and built around a combination of light power cleans and 75m shuttle sprints (down 25m, back, down). This specific event is one of our favorite work capacity events for tactical athletes.

Beretta weekly training schedule:

  • Day 1: Chassis Integrity, Endurance (IBA 800m intervals)
  • Day 2: Strength, Chassis Integrity
  • Day 3: Endurance – Long, easy run
  • Day 4: TAC SEPA, Chassis Integrity
  • Day 5: Strength, Work Capacity

H&K is a “balanced cycle” and trains these 5 fitness attributes in generally equal proportions.

  • Strength – H&K steps away from heavy strength work to focus to train bodyweight strength. Monday’s bodyweight work deploys assessments in weeks 1 and 4, on body armor dips (men)/hand release push ups (women) and body armor pull ups (men)/chin ups (women). Monday’s lower body work deploys unloaded full and mini leg blasters.
  • Wednesday’s bodyweight strength work deploys our “bodyweight” complex methodology where we group three bodyweight exercises in the same circuit. Often two or more of the exercises have an explosive component and we want athletes to move immediately from exercise to exercise.
  • Work Capacity – You’ll train work capacity two times per week during H&K, – back to back on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wednesday’s efforts will be 20 minutes loaded, “strength cardio” interval work including 20 rounds of 30 second 1-arm dumbbell/kettlebell clean and press, and 30 seconds rest. Wednesday’s you’ll complete the same AMRAP circuit each week …. sandbag getups + a 50m shuttle with the sandbag … but each week’s effort will increase in duration. You’ll begin at 10 minutes, and finish at 15 minutes.
  • Endurance – H&K’s endurance work is focused on improving your aerobic base. We use unloaded runs, unloaded step ups and a combo of runs and step ups, at an easy pace, to train endurance.
  • TAC SEPA – Split between two types of events – multi-level agility and sprints/shuttles. You’ll complete drills unloaded first, and then loaded in your IBA or 25# weight vest.
  • Chassis Integrity – Both Wednesdays’ and Friday’s you’ll complete long grinds of a total body, rotation, anti rotation and extension (low back) midsection exercise.

H&K weekly schedule:

  • Monday: TAC SEPA, Strength
  • Tuesday: Chassis Integrity, Endurance
  • Wednesday: TAC SEPA, Work Capacity
  • Thursday: Strength, Work Capacity
  • Friday: Chassis Integrity, Endurance



What order should the plans be completed it? 
We recommend the order listed above:

  • Ruger
  • Glock
  • Beretta
  • H&K

Required Equipment?

  • Fully-equipped functional fitness gym including racks, barbells, bumper plates, plyo boxes, dumbbells or kettlebells, sandbags (40/60/80#).
  • Sprinting area for sprints/shuttles  up to 25m. These can be outside.
  • 25# Weight Vest or Individual Body Armor (IBA)
  • Stop watch with countdown interval timer.

The $129 price for this packet represents over a 30% savings over purchasing the plans individually and saves you $67!

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