LE On-Ramp Training Program


• 8 weeks, 4-5 days/week (increases from 4 to 5 after week 6)
• Designed to prepare untrained/detrained athletes for levels of training contained LE Officer Sessions and other training programs.
• Intentionally progressed using demanding bodyweight and gym-based resistance training.
• This training plan is one of the 182+ Plans included with an Athlete’s Subscription.

Product Description

The following training plan is designed to lay a base fitness level of Strength, Work Capacity, Endurance, and Durability for unfit athletes, in order to prepare them for the volume and intensity of our LE Officer Sessions and other training programs.

The program is progressive – it increases in difficulty as you work through it. It begins with 4 weeks of bodyweight-only work, then finishes with 4 weeks of gym-based strength training and work capacity.

Weeks 1-6 you’ll train 4 days/week. Weeks 7 and 8 you’ll train 5 days/week.

In addition to the extra day/week training, the volume and intensity of the sessions increase as the program develops.




Questions? Email Rob@mtntactical.com

Required Equipment

- Fully equipped commercial gym
- Foam Roller
- Watch with stop watch and repeating countdown timer. Timex Ironman is best.
- Jump Rope
- 2 cones to mark shuttle distances (optional)


Sample Session


Obj: Strength, Work Capacity

Warm up:
3 Rounds
Jump Rope 1 Minute
3/5x Push ups
2/3x Chin ups
10x Air Squats
Instep Stretch

(1) 10 Rounds
8x Air Squats
4x In-Place Lunges
4x Jumping Lunges
4x Squat Jumps
8x Poor Man’s Leg Curl (1-Leg)

(2) 10 Rounds
1/2x Pull Up
5/8x Bench Dip
7/10x Push up
10x Situps

(3) 5 Rounds
30 Second 40-foot shuttle
30 Second rest

(4) 3 Rounds
Foam Roll Legs and Lower back
Lat + Pec Stretch
Hip Flexor Stretch

Obj: Strength

Warm up:
4 Rounds
8x Goblet Squat @ 15/25# Dumbbell
8x Push ups
8x Situps
Instep Stretch


(1) 6 Rounds
5x Front Squat - increase load each round until 5x is hard, but doable
Hip Flexor Stretch

(2) 6 Rounds
8x Bench Press - increase load each round until 8x is hard, but doable
2/3x Chin Ups
Lat + Pec Stretch

(3) 6 Rounds
8x Power Curl - increase load each round until 8x is hard, but doable
Foam Roll Legs

Obj:  Work Capacity, Core

Warm Up:
3 Rounds
2 Minute Jump Rope
10x Air Squats
10x Sit ups
Instep Stretch


(1) 4 Rounds
300m Shuttle every 2:30

*** Rest 3 Minutes ***

(2) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for time
Goblet Squat @ 15/25#
Weighted Situps @ 25# Plate

(3) 4 Rounds
20/20 Standing Founder
20/20 Kneeling Founder
10x Face Down Back Extension
10x EO’s

(4) 3 Rounds
Foam Roll Legs and Low Back
3x Floor Slide
Hip Flexor Stretch