“Greek Heroine” Training Packet


• 4 Mountain Base training plans representing our most recent iteration of “fluid periodization” for mountain athletes
• 24 weeks of mountain direct programming
• Save 30% ($47) over purchasing the plans individually!
• You can purchase these plans together in this packet, individually, as well, all are included with an Athlete’s Subscription to the website.

Product Description


The MTI “Greek Heroine” Training Packet is composed of our 4 “Greek Heroine” training plans developed as “base fitness” training mountain athletes.

The “Greek Heroine” plans represent deploy the most recent iteration of our Fluid Periodization model where we train the 5 fitness attributes of a mountain athlete:

  • Relative Strength
  • Work Capacity
  • Climbing Fitness
  • Endurance (running, uphill hiking under load)
  • Chassis Integrity

These four training plans were lab ratted by the mountain athletes at our facility in Jackson, Wyoming  as part of our daily mountain base programming. Click the links below for the specifics for each training plan:


What order should the plans be completed it? 
We recommend the order listed above. This is the way we completed them at MTI.

Required Equipment?
– Climbing/Bouldering Gym with a General Fitness Training Area
– Stopwatch with repeating countdown timer

The $109 price for this packet represents a 30% savings over purchasing the plans individually and saves you $47!

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