GORUCK Selection Training Plan


• 10 weeks, 6 days/week  with multiple 2-a-days (significant time commitment)
• Prepare for GORUCK Selection event
• Ruck intensive, plus total body strength, core, mobility, and durability
• Includes long weekend rucks
• This training plan is one of the 182+ Plans included with an Athlete’s Subscription.



Intense, 10-week training plan specifically designed to train athletes for the GORUCK Selection event.

This is a 6 day/week training plan which includes multiple 2-a-days, as well as long weekend rucks (up to 20 miles). The plan demands a significant time commitment to complete. The plan includes a 2-week taper, and is designed to be completed the 10 weeks directly prior to your event start date.

Most weeks you’ll train Monday through Saturday and take Sundays off.

This is our 3rd Version of the GORUCK Selection plan, and includes specific training progression for the initial GoRuck Selection PFT (push ups, situps, 5 mile run, 12-mile Ruck @ 45#).

This plan is “sport-specific” to the specific fitness demands of GoRuck Selection – specifically rucking. You’ll ruck up to 3 days/week and run 2-3 days/week. It also includes:

  • Testing and progressive training for the GoRuck Selection Physical Fitness Test (GRSPFT)
  • Focused upper body strength training
  • Weekly total body strength training in a weight room
  • Step-ups for hiking uphill, and Sandbag Getups for work capacity, mental fitness, and core strength
  • Intense core, mobility, and stabilizer strength training for durability
  • DOT Drills for ankle and knee durability

Required Equipment

- Fully equipped weight room
- GPS-enabled Stop Watch with repeating countdown timer (Garmin Forerunner 10 is recommended )  A GPS enabled watch will make measuring run and ruck distances much easier.
- 60# Sandbag
- ALICE Pack or same ruck you will use at selection, 40-60# of filler.


Sample Training


Obj: GRSPFT Work
(Use SESSION 1 results)

(1) 4 Rounds, every 60 sec.
35% of max reps Push-ups, then immediately...
Max reps Push-ups in 60 sec.

(2) 4 Rounds, every 60 sec.
35% of max reps Sit-ups
then ...
Max reps Sit-ups in 60 sec.

(3) 3 Rounds
Run 1.5 miles at Interval Pace based on 5-mile Run Time
Rest 3 Minutes between runs

(5) 3 Rounds
Lat + Pec Stretch
Instep + Hip Flexor Stretch
Foam Roll legs

Obj: GRSPFT Ruck Work


2 Rounds
Ruck 3-Mile at Interval Pace based on SESSION 1 -PM finish time.

Load: 45# + food and water

Obj: Core/Upper Body (Use SESSION 3 results)

Warm up:
4 Rounds
3x Pull ups
5x Bench Press (95, 115, 135, 165)
10x Situps
Instep Stretch
Lat + Pec Stretch

(1) 5 Rounds - Every 90 Seconds
35% of Max Bodyweight Bench Press, then Max Bodyweight Bench Press in 60 Seconds

(2) Perform the following weighted pull ups (25#)
100% max reps Pull-ups
Rest 2:30 sec
80% max Reps  Pull-ups
Rest 2 min.
60% max Reps  Pull-ups
Rest 1:30 sec.
40% max Reps Pull-ups
Rest 60 sec.
20% max Reps Pull-ups
Rest 30 sec.
20% max Reps Pull-ups

(3) 8 Rounds - Every 90 seconds, 10% of max reps SBGU (round up)

Obj: Step-ups/Core
(Use SESSION 2 results)

Warm up:
4 Rounds
2x DOT Drill
3x Scotty Bobs @ 25#
Instep Stretch

(1) 3 Rounds
150x Step-ups @ 40# at Interval based on SESSION 2 step up time.
Rest 3 Minutes between efforts

(2) 4 Rounds
10x Ankles to Bar
10x EO’s
60 Second Farmers Carry @ 55# Dumbbells
10x Hamstring Hell

(3) 2 Rounds
20 Second Jane Fonda

30x Shoulder Hand Job @ 2.5#
Foam Roll Legs/Low Back

Obj: GRSPFT Work
(Use SESSION 1 results)

(1) 4 Rounds, every 60 sec.
35% of max reps Push-ups, then immediately...
Max reps Push-ups in 60 sec.

(2) 4 Rounds, every 60 sec.
35% of max reps Sit-ups then ...
Max reps Sit-ups in 60 sec.

(3) 3 Rounds
Run 1.5 miles at Interval Pace based on 5-mile Run Time
Rest 3 Minutes between runs

(5) 3 Rounds
Lat + Pec Stretch
Instep + Hip Flexor Stretch
Foam Roll legs

Obj: Heavy Ruck Work
(Use SESSION 4 results)

(1) 3 Rounds
Ruck 2 miles at Interval Pace based on SESSION 4 time.
Rest 5 min. between intervals.

Load: 60# + food and water

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All that matters to MTI is outside performance. We are driven to continuously improve and evolve. To this end MTI is not beholden to any fitness programming methodology, equipment or exercise. We continuously research, deploy, assess and iterate our programming with an emphasis on Mission-Direct application and performance. Here is the MTI Method:

MTI begins program design with extensive research of the fitness demands of the mission, sport or event, identifies the exercises and progressions which sport-specifically meet those demands, chose end-of-cycle goals, and program backward to design the training plan.

We deploy the training plan "Lab Rats" at our Wyoming facility. Training session and cycle issues are identified and fixed as we work through the training plan.  Post cycle we assess the programming's effectiveness and efficiency. We keep the stuff that works, and fix or toss the stuff that doesn't.

Plan is published for purchase as an individual training plan and made available to our subscribers.

It doesn't stop there. We take what we learn by deploying our mountain and tactical programming with our Lab Rats, go back, re-visit, update and improve already published training plans. Several of our individual training plans are on their 4th or 5th version.

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By Rob Shaul

I received notes frequently from athletes hesitant to purchase a subscription or training plans asking me to sell them on why they should make the purchase.

While I understand the question, I’m not a salesman - so I can't put a hard sale on anyone for our programming.

I can tell them the process we go through to design our programming.

We begin with extensive research on the fitness demands of the event, identify the exercises and progressions which sport specifically meet those demands, chose end-of-cycle goals, and program backward to design the plan.

Then we test the cycle on ourselves and our lab rats here in Wyoming. We document, note what works and doesn’t work, re-assess, and make changes and modifications.

Then we publish the programming in the form of one of our plans or as part of our subscription daily training sessions for tactical and mountain athletes.
We don’t stop there - our daily programming is the “tip of the spear” for our programming evolution. We use these sessions to learn and make continuous improvement.

As we learn more and improve, we go back, and update the sport-specific training plans on the website. For example, we’re currently on Version 5 of our Ruck Based Selection Training Plan and Version 3 of our Dryland Ski Training Plan and Version 4 of our Big Game Back Country Hunting Training Plan.

We understand our programing isn’t cheap, but we believe it’s a great value. The $79 for the Ruck Based Selection Training Plan, and $39 for the Dryland Ski Training Plan reflect the, research, work, innovative theory, iteration, testing and feedback we've put in and received to make these plans effective.

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Here’s our guarantee:

1) Individual Training Plan Purchase:
If you purchase an individual training plan, follow it as prescribed before your season/event/pft/selection, and if you don’t feel you were physically ready for your season/event/pft/selection, and/or didn’t see dramatic improvements in your early season performance, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

2) Athlete’s Subscription
If you purchase an Athletes’ Subscription, follow the training sessions as prescribed, and are not satisfied with the quality of the programming, notify us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Email: rob@mtntactical.com


Wanted to take a quick second to send a thank you your way for your advice and programming that allowed me to accomplish a major goal of mine.  I completed the GORUCK HTL a few weeks back and I owe a lot of credit to you for helping me to prepare physically and mentally to take on this challenge.  Your programming enabled me to succeed during the PT test and continue through the physical aspects of the three events.  Across the board your programming made me feel strong throughout and also, I feel, made me more injury resistant.  Additionally, I think the nature of your training made me stronger mentally and allowed me to push through some of the darker times when I was tired, sore, and being asked to shoulder weight once again.  I would argue that your program not only allowed me to succeed in this, but it also made me a better and stronger team member and it is my hope that my level of preparedness helped me to be someone that enabled others to push beyond their perceived limits.  I say all that to say thank you for helping me to achieve this goal of mine and for helping me to be a stronger more capable team member able to contribute to the teams success. - M


Hey Rob,
Thought I would give you an update on the Selection program.

I did not finish Selection, but felt as though I was definitely one of the more prepared (physically) individuals there.  At 46 years old, I withdrew as the #10 athlete at hour 20.  Within 30 minutes of my withdrawal, there were only 5 athletes remaining.

Selection is the real deal.  Very, very challenging.

Your program did an excellent job of preparing me physically.  I was one of the top athletes in the pushups (100) and sit-ups. (90).  My 5 mile run was in the top 10 and my 12 mile ruck was also top 10.  I followed your program to the letter and it helped me to progress from 55 sit-ups to 90 and keep my pushups strong throughout training.

If I could make any suggestion as to how I could have been more prepared would be to get some advice on training to compete with zero nutrition.  We received absolutely nothing and no electrolytes.  I did train with significantly reduced calories, but I was not prepared for the degree at which they restricted us.

Anyway, just thought you would like to know how it went.  Thanks for a great program!- T
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