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Density Strength Design – Online Course


• MTI’s Density Strength Progression is a percentage based progression using 1RM
• It can be programmed for multiple exercises in a focused strength cycle, or with 1-3 exercises in a “Fluid” cycle which trains multiple attributes concurrently – strength, work capacity, endurance, agility, etc.
• Course is designed for professional strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and advanced athletes interested and ready to learn advanced program design.

Product Description

Density strength session design is a percentage based progression based upon 1 Repetition Maximums (1RM) to increase your Working Strength, or the ability to do multiple reps with short recovery times with near maximal effort loading. 

It can be programmed in a heavy strength focused cycle, or in a “fluid” cycle which concurrently trains other fitness demands such as work capacity, endurance, and core strength. 

The key to the Density strength design is the percentage based progression and a repeating, 90 second countdown interval. The progression uses 5 Rounds of 4 Reps. Each round must be completed in the 90 second interval, with the remaining time as the rest. Once the 90 seconds is up, the next round immediately starts. 

The Density strength design uses percentages based on 1RMs to incrementally increase the load. The volume (total repetitions) and time intervals will remain the same through out the cycle for each exercise, but the weight will get heavier. 

We’ve completed the density progression with a wide array of total, lower, and upper body strength exercises. Most recently, we used the progression to improve our lab rats Relative Strength Assessment scores in a four week cycle, with good results. 

Density strength design can be easily implemented with barbell strength exercises. By the end of this course, you will be able to apply the Density strength methodology to one exercise in any cycle, or in a focused, strength cycle.  

What You’ll Learn

  1. How we test for 1RM (1 Repetition Maximum) for Total, Lower and Upper body exercises.
  2. The specific set/rep schemes and percentage progressions we deploy for Eccentric Strength Programming.
  3. How to use MTI’s Density Strength programming/progression for multiple exercises in a focused strength cycle, and/or how to deploy the progression for a limited number of exercises for a “Fluid” cycle which trains multiple attributes concurrently (strength, endurance, work capacity, agility, etc.)

Who is this course for?
Professional strength and conditioning courses, CrossFit trainers, and personal trainers interested in proven strength session design for athletes with “hybrid” fitness demands

Experienced athletes interested in advanced program design and others ready to begin programming for themselves

With your purchase, you get online access to the course and it’s updates as long as MTI exists!

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