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357 Strength Design – Online Course


• MTI’s 357 Strength Progression deploys a version of our TLU Strength progression paired with complementary short, work capacity efforts to elicit a “hormonal” flush in athletes, in quicken strength gains.
• It can be programmed for multiple exercises in a focused strength cycle, or with 1-3 exercises in a “Fluid” cycle which trains multiple attributes concurrently – strength, work capacity, endurance, agility, etc.
• This is and advanced program design course is designed for professional strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and advanced athletes interested and ready to learn advanced program design.

Product Description

357 Strength session design was initially developed in 2011 to prepare an athlete here in Wyoming for a Crossfit competition. It combines elements of our TLU strength session design and with complimentary work capacity efforts in the same training session. The complimentary work capacity training is reported to have a“hormonal flush” effect, forcing the body to overcompensate and therefore decrease recovery time.

As you will see, the TLU strength portion of 357 will have the following characteristics:

  • Train total body, lower body and upper body strength exercise. This is where “TLU” in the name for this design.
  • Train one exercise at “heavy” intensity, one at “moderate” intensity. Use total exercise volume to dictate intensity.
  • Include one “complex” circuit
  • Go to 1 Rep Max (1RM) on the “Heavy” exercise, and use 85% of the athlete’s 1RM for the heavy exercise “working rounds.” 

In conjunction, each lifting session is followed by a short work capacity session varying in time.

As the title “357” implies, each week has a work capacity session that is either 3 minutes long, 5 minutes long, or 7 minutes long. These work capacity efforts are what create the “hormonal flush,” meant to decrease recovery time.

It can be programmed in a heavy strength focused cycle, or in a “fluid” cycle which concurrently trains other fitness demands such as work capacity, endurance, and core strength.

We’ve completed the 357 Strength progression with a wide array of total, lower, and upper body strength exercises – all with good effects.

357 Strength design can be easily implemented with barbell strength exercises. By the end of this course, you will be able to apply this methodology to one exercise in any cycle, or in a focused, strength cycle. 

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