Reviews On Grunt PT

Grunt PT is MTI’s day-to-day mission-direct, tactical programming for line unit, active duty soldiers.

After witnessing many top-down, command-driven fitness initiative failures over the past decade, we committed to developing programming line unit soldiers at all levels could implement on their own, with or without command support. In this way we consider Grunt PT a “Fitness Insurgency.”

Grunt PT has it’s foundation in MTI’s elite level “Operator Session” day-to-day programming for SOF personnel and trains the following fitness attributes concurrently:

  • Relative Strength – strength per bodyweight
  • TAC SEPA – Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility
  • Work Capacity – with a sprinting emphasis
  • Chassis Integrity – MTI’s functional core training methodology
  • Military Endurance – running, rucking


We wanted to know what our customers like best about Grunt PT here are a few answers:


"Day 1 Week 1 of Grunt PT and I loved it.  Currently deployed in support and needed a solid workout plan.  Definitely found it with Grunt PT.  For a guy whose 40 years young and just passed 19 years of service in the USAF I had to dig to finish, but I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's workout. Just wanted to thank you guys for an awesome workout."


"I only have 3 Squads so team brake down works well. My Squad leaders are all also behind this 100%, the buy in helps with the quality of training"


"Equipment utilization is fantastic working with a 20-man class. Scalability for the individual is nice. Exercises are intuitive and not over complicated."


"Soldiers enjoy the variety of the workouts and like to see their individual improvement."


"The group of exercises that work on the lower back have really helped me strengthen my back and has reduced my back pain."


"All around great program, definitely feeling stronger, faster and tougher"


"Stretching in the circuits really helps focus on getting in that dynamic warmup"



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