Plan Focus: FLETC PEB Plan


By Rob Shaul

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Physical Efficiency Battery (PEB) is a one day fitness assessment for Law Enforcement Officers beginning training in any FLETC course or training academy.

The PEB is an interesting mix of events, different than many of the tactical athlete fitness assessments we’ve seen and programmed for over the years. Here are the events:

  • Body Composition Caliper Test (Ungraded Event)
  • Sit and Reach Flexibility Test
  • Bench Press One Rep Max (1RM)
  • Illinois Agility Drill
  • 1.5 Mile Run

This is an old assessment, from what we can learn, and is unique in 4 ways: (1) No push ups, sit ups or pull ups; (2) Includes a 1RM strength assessment – the bench press; (3) Includes an agility drill; (4) Includes a graded flexibility test.

While I don’t feel the PEB is an adequate assessment of tactical fitness for LE, the unique events did present an interesting programming puzzle for us to solve with this training plan. Here is we tackled each event in this plan:

Sit & Reach
We address this graded event two ways – practice the actual event 2-3x/week, and with our Toe Touch Complex exercise, which trains hamstring flexibility.

Bench Press 1RM
We deploy an assessment and use our proven percentage-based Rat 6 progression. Athletes are assessed 3x during this plan – beginning, middle and end. Progressions are reset after the mid-cycle progression to account for the athlete’s increase in fitness from the initial weeks of training.

Illinois Drill
Similar to the Sit & Reach, we tackle training for this classic agility drill 2 ways: (1) Practice the drill – 2-3x/week and with 10-meter shuttle repeats to train drill-specific movement, strength and work capacity. The plan also includes our Quadzilla Complex which will help train overall leg strength, and the eccentric leg strength needed for the direction changes in this drill.

1.5 Mile Run
We deploy our proven Speed over Ground progression to get candidates faster for this specific event. Initial, mid-cycle and end cycle 1.5 mile run assessments are taken and we use athlete-specific pacing and 400m and 800m repeats to train

The PEB is graded dependent on Gender and Age. CLICK HERE to view the PEB Score Chart.

MTI’s FLETC PEB Training Plan is a 6 week/5 day per week training plan which is sport-specifically designed to maximise performance for this specific assessment. The plan deploys a full PEB assessment at the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. Event progressions are based on these assessment results and in this way the plan automatically “scales” to the incoming fitness of the athlete. Everyone, fit or unfit, will be pushed by this plan.

Week 6 of the plan is an unload week. You’ll want to complete the plan the 6 weeks directly before your FLETC course start date.

Here is the weekly schedule:
  • Monday: FLETC PEB Assessment or progressions
  • Tuesday: Upper/Lower Body Strength, Agility
  • Wednesday: Run Improvement
  • Thursday: Upper/Lower Body Strength, Agility
  • Friday: Run Improvement
  • 1.5 Mile Run Course
  • Stopwatch/Wristwatch
  • 2x 15/25# Dumbbells
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Ruler/Yardstick for Sit and Reach
  • 8x Cones or markers for Illinois Agility Drill
  • Bench Press, Barbell, Plates for Bench Assessment/Progressions
  • Foam Roller