Packet Focus: SWAT/SRT Gun Maker Training Placket

By Rob Shaul

The Gun Maker Packet of training plans represents the latest evolution of our Fluid Periodization to programming for full-time SWAT/SRT athletes.

The 4 training plans: Ruger, Glock, Beretta, H&K deploy MTI’s most recent evolution of Fluid Periodization for full-time SWAT/SRT athletes and concurrently train:

  • Relative Strength
  • Work Capacity
  • TAC SEPA (Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility)
  • Chassis Integrity (functional, transferable mid section strength and strength endurance)
  • Endurance (running)

Each plan is 6 weeks long. Ruger is a 4 day/week training plan; Glock, Beretta and H&K are each 5 day/week plans. Together, these plans represent 28 weeks of programming for SWAT/SRT personnel, assuming a full week of rest between plans.

Each training session is designed to last 60 minutes.

More on the Plans below and HERE:

We’ve also developed a SWAT/SRT Fitness Assessment. Read more HERE.