Packet Focus: Ruck Based Selection Training Packet

Team Week at SFAS.

by Rob Shaul

Designing a training plan to prepare Green Beret candidates for SFAS was where I began programming for military selections. Over the years I’ve improved and updated our Ruck-Based Selection Training plan multiple times – were currently on Version 6 – making it more transferable and “mission-direct” for SFAS.

In addition to SFAS, this training plan has been completed successfully for Civilian Affairs, Psy Ops, The Activity, Ranger School, IBOLC, and multiple foreign military special forces selections.

We created the Ruck Based Selection Training Packet in response to military athletes who had several months to train for their selection, beyond the 8-week duration of the final selection training plan.

The six training plans contained within this packet details 42 weeks (approx 9.5 months) of training in preparation for attending a Ruck-Based Selection such as the U.S, Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) and “The Activity.” Start the plan exactly 42 weeks before your first week at selection.

(This packet is not appropriate for athletes attending SFOD-D selection (US) or SAS selection (UK). If you are attending one of those selections, please purchase the SFOD-D Selection Training Packet.

In March 2017 I updated the plans in this packet to the most recent programing methodologies of MTI.  I got rid of Garbage Reps and exchanged the Core Training for the latest Chassis Integrity Theory. The exercise and circuit menus are narrowed, and the progressions got tightened up. Finally, I replaced certain sessions with gym-based endurance efforts based on our new Program Theory

This packet builds upon itself.  It gets progressively harder each week and each plan will build your fitness for the next. The purpose is to build sufficient fitness to excel in selection regardless of your initial fitness level.



The six plans, in the order you’ll complete them are listed below. Note the rest weeks between plans:

Weeks        Plan
1-7              (1)  Humility – Bodyweight Strength, loaded work capacity, IBA runs and long, unloaded runs
8                     Total Rest
9-14            (2) Big 24 – Barbell based, total strength
15                  Unload Week
16-21          (3) Fortitude – Gym based strength, distance running and rucking
22                Total Rest
23-28          (4) Valor – Gym based work capacity, short, intense running and rucking intervals
29                 Total Rest
30-35          (5) Resilience – Gym-based Strength, Chassis Integrity, Heavy Rucking and distance running
36                 Total Rest
37-44          (6) Ruck-Based Selection Training Plan

It’s very important you complete the final, Ruck-Based Selection Training Plan the 8 weeks directly before you report for selection. This plan includes a taper, so there’s no need to take rest week after it’s completion.

The packet price of $219, represents a 30% savings over the combined price of the individual plans.

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